Vellmar 2015 r2

While I should've lost yesterday, the second round should've been a win. Again with the white pieces, I was confronted with the Sicilian, variation Scheveningen. A nice fight developed, in which I took about 30 minutes to contemplate e5 or f5. First looked best, because f7 was very weak. The positional pawn-sac was good, but f5 was even better.

After a while my opponent made a mistake, so I got my pawn back on the queenside. When I was able to put my knights on strong fields, entering the black position, I was hopeful to take away the full point.

My opponent, rated 2171, was outplayed, and when he played 28..Rh4 victory was around the corner. Why I played 30.Qe3 instead of Qe1 or Qb4 I will never know, because I saw all moves. Was it the time-trouble, having only about 3 minutes left for 10 moves? Angry for letting it slip away, I made mistake after mistake, making it way too easy for my opponent, who found the correct moves.

Let's see what round 3 brings.


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